Friday, September 2, 2011

Funny, Funny Girl

I don't know how she comes up with so many funny things, but seriously.... This girl is a hoot!

For my first example, you get a picture... I took this while we were on our way to the hospital when my sister was about to have her baby. This is not staged.... If you don't get why it's funny, just look at the picture again and think about the situation....
Next, a long, long list of hilarious things she's said and done lately.

-"I want to eat Minnie Mouse for brekiss!" Translation: she wants to eat Mini-Wheats for breakfast

-During "quiet time"
(what used to be nap time, about 2-3:30ish), sometimes I'll tell her, "You can come out when Daddy comes home" (about 3:30). One day about ten minutes after I left her room for the unpteenth time trying to get her to lay down and be quiet, she started knocking on the door from the inside and yelling, "Daddy! I'm stuck in my rooooom! Heee-eelp me Daddy!" Lucky for her he came home just a few minutes later ;)

-While I was getting ready for the day, she climbed onto our bed, starting jumping and shouting/singing "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. The best part though? She doesn't know some of the words, she just knows their general sound, so she mumbled over them. One part that was crystal clear though was "Bright young women, sick of swimming, ready to SWIIIIIIIIMMMM!!!!" (Yes, that's supposed to be "ready to stand")

-She was playing with a star-shaped toy and suddenly shouted, "Come on Twinkle Little Star, the Street Rat's gonna get you! Hurry! Hide!!" (The obvious reference to the famous nursery rhyme and the less obvious reference to Aladdin)

-She also has a new infatuation with imaginary monsters. But not in a scared way, in a playful way. She'll shout, "Oh no, the monster's gonna get us!", squeal with delight and run into another room where she can "hide where nobody can find her". This could be anywhere, behind a couch, in a closet, a bathroom..... Somehow though, the "monster" usually finds her and she has to run somewhere else, giddily screaming as she flies through the house. One of us often gets pulled along for the ride.

-She found my cold rice pack in the freezer that I put on my head if I have a headache. She plopped it on her own head and said, very seriously, "I have a hiccup up here. The ice pack will make it feel better"

-She came up behind me started licking her fingers, mussing my hair everywhere and kept saying, "It will help your hair look wonderful OK?!" When she was done styling my hair, she carefully placed a baby toy on top of my head and announced, "You look like a Princess!" When I asked which princess, she responded, "Sleeping Beauty". I probably did look like I had a serious case of bed-head ;)

-We've recently started reading the scriptures as a family before bed. Justin and I each read a verse and then Carrie will copy me as I read a few words at a time of her verse. Only a couple of days after starting, I was trying to get her to copy me in saying a verse. As soon as I started, she harrumphed, and said, "Mommy, you forgot to say, 'and it came to pass!'..." It. Was. Awesome.

-"Tangled" was recently on TV and we DVR'd it. We've been watching it a ton. Luckily I don't mind watching that one over and over. Yet. This morning, Carrie said the blessing at breakfast. She did the normal "thank you for and blessing the food" part and was about to close when she stopped short and added, "and please bless us to watch Rapunzel again today, inthenameofjesuschrist,amen!"

-So we watched Tangled. I swear, 10 minutes after it was over, she said, "Mommy, can we watch Tangled please?" I said, "Sweetie, we just did!" She quickly replied, "No, we watched Rapunzel!"

She is so dang quick-witted for a 2 year old! I love it! She must get it from her uncle Jake (whose lightning fast quick-witted dry humor is likely to make you spurt milk out your nose) Because you all know Justin and I aren't this funny! We're so lucky to have her to keep us entertained!


Mrs. Jaybird said...

Marissa had her baby!?! Congrats to her!

And . . . reading your blog makes me want to be a better mommy. You're amazing :)

Brittney said...

Those are some great quotes!! What a funny girl!!!

The Gatherers said...

She is too funny!