Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bye Bye Bottles!

I know it's a little past time, but we are officially bottle-free around here. The last few days Carrie has been less and less interested in them. A couple of nights ago, she actually went to bed without taking ANY of her bottle. I was so worried she'd wake up in the middle of the night hungry, but she didn't. :)
Even though she's 13 1/2 months old, we've still been strictly on formula because we had some leftover. When we were on WIC, we were fortunate enough to get free formula. We ended up having several "extra" cans after Carrie's first birthday (the traditional "switch to whole milk" date). We decided we'd just use up the formula since it was already paid for and will expire before we would have another baby to use it.
We still have a couple of cans left, but sippy cups don't have ounce markings on the side so it makes it pretty annoying to try to mix. Therefore... formula went "bye bye" with the bottles. We are full-on, whole milk in a sippy cup; like a big girl.
I haven't figured out yet if her whiny behavior and messed up nap schedule the last couple of days is her not feeling 100%, or just a new phase of toddler-hood. I'm hoping the former, and hoping that it will pass.
Today, she did not take a nap. At all. I tried three times. All three times, she would be quiet for 15 minutes and then fuss and whine for a few; repeat this pattern for an hour or two and there you have today's nap schedule. In between naps, she was into EVERYTHING she wasn't supposed to be. Pulling the computer keyboard off the desk, pushing buttons on the printer and TV and worst of all, pulling cleaning brushes and dish-washing soap out from under the kitchen sink.
When Justin got home, I told him "She's driving me crazy!!" As I was relaying my day to my mom later, she told me something me dad apparently said when I was really little. "It's a good thing you were home with her then and not someone else. Just think how much you love her and she's even driving you crazy! Imagine how crazy she'd be driving someone who didn't love her as much! Lucky lucky girl..."
Thanks for reminding me of the bright side dad. I love the days I get to stay home with my baby girl.


Brittney said...

That definitely is a good perspective. I'll have to think about that more on the crazy days!!!

Jacob & Clarissa said...

That is a good reminder! I wish crazy days like that didn't happen so often, but it's hard not to love them anyway.

Elise said...

oh motherhood.

Just thought I would drop a note to tell you that both you ladies look beautiful in that last picture. Motherhood seems to suit you. And you make beautiful children. :)

Sierra said...

Hi cutie girl. You are a busy girl. In the actual moment, it doesn't seem funny or that cute, but when you look back it is adorable. She's smart, she's healthy and doing what little girls are supposed to do. Love her so much!!!!!!Nana