Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pillow Perfection

Time for another craft project! I've been eying the decorative pillows at Walmart (and a few other places) for our new couch/family room. Well, the "other" various places, the cheapest I found was like $30 on sale. So I resorted back to Walmart (my home away from home). No help. How can one little pillow cost $13? When I'm planning on having either one very very large couch, or multiple couches in one room, the pillow count starts to climb. No way am I spending that much.
I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time yesterday and found some fabric that was awesome! I had an idea of the color "scheme" I wanted, but I also wanted some bold patterns and more than one pattern. This is the end result of my labors yesterday.I probably didn't end up saving all that much money, but now I have exactly what I want and get to say "Yeah! I made those!" The backs are either a light brown, a bright green, or the pale blue (interchanged randomly).
Oh the satisfaction I get when I turn around from my computer and see them sitting on my couch. I'm almost giddy (it's probably unwarranted, but whatever) :)
One thing that for sure makes me giddy though is my darn cute little girl. She's growing up so much! She will now take a few toys and walk to somewhere else in the apartment to sit and play with them. She'll jibber jabber to herself with her toys for a few minutes and then come up to me and yammer off baby talk like she's trying to describe to me what she and her toys were just talking about.
She laughs all the time, and sometimes, it's just while she's playing by herself. She loves to read books and will actually sit and flip through a book, front to back by herself saying stuff like "yabba goo hee bab nene ooo gee" etc. I'll try to catch it on video sometime, I promise.
This next picture isn't any special cute smile or anything. Just look at her eyes. Totally beautiful blue with a dark blue ring around the edge. I love it.


Brittney said...

Gorgeous eyes and cute pillows!!! Good job.

Chelsea said...

The pillows are beautiful! I am impressed with your craftiness! Isn't Hobby Lobby amazing?!