Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Always, Forever, and No Matter What

As Carrie and I were sitting at the kitchen table just now eating quesadillas and chocolate milk, I looked at her, smiled, and said, "Did you know I love you very much? And you're very special to me?"

She responded with, "Yes, mommy. Except when I don't listen and obey. Then you don't love me."

This made me so sad to hear her say! Of course, I quickly rebutted with, "No, I ALWAYS love you. Even when you don't listen and obey. Sometimes I get frustrated, but I ALWAYS love you. No matter what"

She was so excited to hear that! She asked, "Really?!", with a huge smile on her face! It was a little sad to think of her not fully understanding that, but it's now a top priority of mine to make sure she knows and feels that I will ALWAYS love her. No matter what!

How could anyone NOT love these sweet little angels?! 

 (both of them fell asleep on the ride home from walmart yesterday)

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