Thursday, August 30, 2012

Growth Spurt

The first thing that had a recent growth spurt was our backyard grass! Because it's been raining so much lately, Justin's kept putting off mowing it until today, it could wait no longer! And it had even gotten bad enough that he wrangled our brother-in-law Brandon to come help. It was probably 8-10 inches tall.... Carrie could have played hide and seek out there!!

The more expected growth-spurter is our gorgeous little Brigette! She's usually been a great sleeper at night, but the last couple days, she's woken up every three hours on the clock through the night! It is NOT very cool! I'm tired!! During the day she's been eating every two hours! And not just snacking, she's doing full feedings every time! It's a good thing she's cute!!
Did you notice her shirt says "party at my crib 1am-6am"?..... So appropriate this week ;)

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The Gatherers said...

oh my goodness I love her little chubby face in this picture!