Friday, August 24, 2012


Justin got picked up for JUCO this year! Woohoo!!!

In case that doesn't make sense to you, let me explain. He will get to referee basketball in a Junior College conference this season! His conference includes all the community colleges in the Phoenix metro area and a few other ones semi-nearby. He'll start at "entry level", women's ball, but it's still college, so we're stoked!

His goal was to be doing college ball by the time he was 30, so he beat that by a whole year (and a smidge)! I'm so incredibly proud of him and his dedication and determination to move up in the referee world! I have WAY more respect for refs since marrying him. They work HARD, and get no respect!

He'll continue to do some high school varsity ball too, but hopefully soon, college will take over his reffing schedule! GOOD JOB JUSTIN!!!

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Coleen said...

Congratulations Justin! That is an accomplishment. Just FYI, Justin started officiating when he was just a Junior in High School, and he along with his Dad have encouraged each other along the way for many years! Great job!