Sunday, August 5, 2012

We Pulled an All-Nighter!

Well last night was a very long night. An ALL-NIGHTER.... But not in the way that you're thinking... We actually SLEPT all night!! It was awesome, even though it hadn't been all that bad before now! Brigette ate at 10:30 last night, and I didn't hear a peep out of her until 5:45 this morning!

I don't know if we wore her out yesterday or what, but I hope it continues! It was great! Yesterday we had Carrie's preschool open house first thing. She's VERY excited to be starting preschool this week! Then Brigette and I headed up into town for my friend from high school's baby shower. Carrie got to play at a friend's house while Justin helped my sister and brother-in-law unload their moving truck into their new house! (They moved just a couple miles away from us and are in our ward now!)

Last night was also co-op night, so we got to have a date night. We had some discount movie tickets from Justin's work and we went to see The Dark Knight Rises. It. Was. Awesome...

It was also SUPER loud though! We took Brigette with us, and almost immediately, I was afraid all the crazy loudness was going to wake her up! She's actually very good about sleeping through noise, but even I wanted the volume to be turned down. So I spent most of the movie with one of her ears pressed against me and my other hand laid on top of her exposed ear. Fortunately it worked. She flinched a couple times, but it wasn't too bad at all.

I was also super ambitious and actually nursed her in the theater. It was very tricky trying to fiddle with the nursing cover and an extra blanket, just to make sure we stayed all covered up. I probably won't be trying that again... Next time, I'm pumping and bringing a bottle. Luckily though, she didn't ever really cry. Right after she ate, she started to whine a bit so I rushed toward the door with her so nobody would be disturbed. Of course, the second I stood up, she was fine, so I stood by the door for a couple minutes and went back to my seat. Didn't miss a thing :)

This morning I decided I had a bit of cabin fever and wanted to go to church with my family. Brigette and I came home after sacrament meeting, but I'm sooo glad I went today. Of course, it's Fast Sunday, and lately Carrie's been wanting to bear her testimony. A couple months ago, she tried, but completely froze up at the microphone. So when she asked today, I spent at least 5 minutes in the pew with her asking, "What are you going to say?", and "You have to talk really loud into the microphone ok?"... etc. I'm sure she got sick of it quickly because I double and triple checked that she was going to actually do it and not freeze up.

I worried for nothing. She was FABULOUS! I didn't have to prompt her at all! Here's how it went. "I'd like to bear my testimony. I know the Church is true. I'm thankful for my cousin Isac and my Brigette. I'm thankful for the food. I'm thankful for that we could come to church and be good. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

It was a beautiful thing. I hope her testimony continues to grow and though it's been on the back burner on my FHE to-do list, it will definitely be coming to the front. "Practice bearing our testimonies".... 

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The Gatherers said...

Hooray for all nighters! Also don't give up on nursing in public, it's the best! It was a bit weird at first, but I even nursed on the quiet rides when we were at disneyland!