Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Could She Get Any Funnier?!

Last night as Justin was changing Brigette's diaper, Carrie looked down and noticed her belly button. Apparently she didn't pay attention that her umbilical cord had fallen off (a couple weeks ago) because she suddenly said, "What? Brigette has a belly button?!" Justin answered, "Yup, just like you!"

Carrie was very quick to respond with, "Ppssshhh! It's not just like mine! Brigette's belly button is a shape like an oval, mine (lifts her own shirt to take a look) is a shape like a circle. They are NOT the same!"

Then today it got even better. After I picked her up from preschool (which went off without a hitch, whew!) I told her we would eat lunch and then do her "homework". She has a few optional activities she can do to earn prizes at school. After mac 'n' cheese leftovers, we sat down at her little table to start her homework. She was fine for a couple minutes coloring a page, but then she got "tired" and "needed help"....

I told her if she finished the page she was working on, she could watch a movie. That made her a little more willing, but only a few seconds later, she was asking for me to do it for her again. I told her, "It's your homework, you have to do it, not me"

Quick-witted as always, she replied with a smile on her face, "Well you took me to preschool, so it's your homework!"

It was SO hard to not bust out laughing.... :) After all, it's only her second day of preschool. We have a looong time to get used to homework. ;)

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Coleen said...

Oh she is a smartie!!! You will have to be on your toes with her. How cute that she says the things she says. Give her a big hug and kiss from me and Brigette too. Love you!!