Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Day of School! First Day of School!!

It feels like the beginning of Finding Nemo around here! We're all bouncing off the walls in excitement for the first day of school! Here's some fun things to remember about Carrie on her first day :)

Last night, in anticipation of Preschool starting today, we did Carrie's first cut 'n' paste project. It was a very long tedious thing to do, but we survived, and ended up with a masterpiece. Carrie wrote her name all by herself (with a few prompts from me on letter formation).

Of course, we did the project in her new preschool corner. Her teacher said we should have a place at home with school supplies where she can do her "homework" and practice the things she learns at school. So I hit up the school supply section at the store and got her glue, preschool scissors (spring-loaded so she learns how to open and close them), pencils, a pouch to hold her crayons, and a basket to put it all in. I also got a cork board to hang pictures etc. 

For breakfast this morning we had waffles and scrambled eggs.... And cookie dough... ;) Why not?

 Then we got dressed, did her hair, and it was picture time! Isn't she so dang cute?! I love it!

Mommy and her big girl!

Carrie saying goodbye to Brigette

Welcome to Shining Stars Preschool! (A friend in the ward runs her preschool out of her home)

We pulled up the same time as two of Carrie's best friends, Cody & Sienna. I accidentally snapped the picture before we told them to smile ;)

Greeting Miss Heidi

Putting her backpack in the bucket, with her eyes already on the toys

It's playtime! (For the first few minutes at least, while everyone is still arriving!)

Carrie was very excited and not nervous at all. I'm so proud. I know she'll have a blast! I really wanted to hang out all during class just to watch because I know she'll do great and have so much fun learning!

I think preschool will be good for all of us. You know, get us in a routine. For example, this morning we were all dressed and had our hair done by 8:45, and I'm already on my third load of laundry so far. Speaking of, I really need to start a cleaning schedule around here. So I can plan on certain chores on certain days, not just wait and wait until they desperately need to be done. I'll miss having Carrie around, but it's only 2 1/2 hours, 2 days a week and I'm very excited to have a little Mommy and Brigette alone time :)

Here's to the next 20-something years of our lives as parents of school aged kids!

***Post-Preschool Day One Follow-up***
When I walked in the door to pick her up, the first words out of her mouth were, "I don't want to go home!!" with a big pouty sulk. This quickly escalated into full-on tears and even a little physical rebellion. Her teacher ended up carrying Brigette's carseat out to the van so I could wrangle Carrie. Oei Vey! I hope she continues to love it so much! Well, maybe a little less would be okay too ;)

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