Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finding Our Groove

I'm starting to get used to two kids at home. A little.... We're getting into a rhythm and we're doing pretty well, I'd say! We've stayed showered, bathed, gotten dressed and done our hair every day, eaten decently, and kept up around the house for the most part. I'm actually very proud of myself at the state of cleanliness my house is in. :)

On Monday, we had a out-on-the-town kind of day. In the morning we had to go to the lab for Brigette's PKU heel poke, and a third bilirubin screening. Yes, third... This little gal is riding the line of jaundiced vs. not jaundiced. At her newborn appointment on the 24th, the doctor thought she looked a little yellow so he had her get checked just in case. Her number was 13.5. (They'd really like it to be under 10) So on the 27th, he had us do it again to make sure her numbers were going down. Her number was 14.0.... He called it "holding steady". Hence, Monday was a third check. Carrie was very nervous about seeing her baby sister get poked. She turned and hid her face in the wall during the poke so she wouldn't have to watch.

Then we trekked to Walmart, which I was very nervous about. I used to give lectures to new parents as a postpartum nurse about not taking your baby out to public places so young... But we still need groceries right?... : / I kept her carseat covered the whole time, tried to be as quick as I could, and used hand sanitizer several times. And we survived.

Apparently enough so to justify a family night trip to Yogurt Jungle that night, per Carrie's request.

Carrie's been a SUPER helper around here lately. She loves being a big sister and is very concerned for Brigette's well-being. She asks to hold her allll the time. It usually only lasts about 10 seconds, but still, while she's holding her she's cooing, holding Brigette's hand, and saying how beautiful she is. Adorable.

She's also very good about putting on "hanitizer" before she touches Brigette. Sometimes she gets overly concerned if Brigette makes a squeak, or grumbly noise and shouts to me, "Mommy, Brigette needs you! Tell her, 'It's ok sweetie, mommy's coming...' "

Other times she's very independent and will put out a hand to stop me from coming to help and will say, "Don't worry mom, I got it!" She then proceeds to give a binky, softly shush, or sing a lala-lullaby to her.

Yesterday morning she told me "Brigette has crazy hair, I'll fix it". Princess brush to the rescue ;)

Now, among all this cuteness and sisterly love, Carrie's also had a bit of a mood problem since Brigette came home (as can be expected). She gets very grumpy if we have to tell her "no" to anything, or even "in just a minute". She crosses her arms, puts on a big grumpy pout, and sulks away.... It's not fun to deal with. We're trying to be patient and re-direct her moodiness, and hope that it passes soon. Luckily, her baby blues aren't in any way directed toward Brigette. I'm glad she doesn't seem to resent her sister's arrival!

Onto a quick tidbit about me. I think watching so much olympics has been good healthy motivation for me. I'm itching to start working out and get my muscles pumping again. Because blueberries were on sale this week, I bought a package. And for some reason, having blueberries around always makes me want to eat healthier. So yesterday I did something I never thought I'd do... I made homemade granola. It. Is. So. Good.... Oats, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.... baked to a crispy, crumbly goodness. I seriously ate a bowl of it with yogurt and blueberries for dessert last night. Here's hoping, for my health and getting-back-into-shape self, this trend of healthiness continues!


Heather Farnsworth said...

Get all the practice you can taking the two kids out now while Brigette is still little!! Its easier to learn and figure out the routine while one is still constantly sleeping in a car seat!
I never really took my kids out after they were born.. maybe a month or so after (except for doctors appointments and necessities!) I had winter babies though.
Im sure Carrie will get over her moodiness soon! Its so hard for them at that age when there is big change. That is great that she loves her baby sister so much. She is going to be a great help to you I'm sure.

Coleen said...

Love all the updates. Carrie is just adorable being such a big helper and taking such good care of Brigette. So hopefully Brigette's jaundice goes away and you don't have to go for repeat pokes. That's not fun. It's hard getting out with two babies, but you also have to sometimes just have a day of errands and it's amazing that yes, we can do it! I was always grateful for "carts" they help alot...I refused to be a prisoner in my house just because I had young babies...The granola sounds yummy, hope you have some when we come to visit! Give hugs and kisses to Carrie and Brigette from Nana! We can't wait to come see everyone. Love you

Britt said...

She's beautiful! I'm so excited for you and glad things are going so well!

PLEASE post the granola recipe! I've been dying to make some, but haven't found a recipe I like!