Monday, August 20, 2012

One Month!

Brigette is one month old today! How crazy is that?! Here she is in all her one-month-old glory!

She weighed in at a whopping 8lbs, 1oz and measured 20 1/2 inches long! She's certainly making up for being our smallest birth-weight baby for sure!

It's interesting that she's gaining weight so well because the last week or so, she's started to be super spitty... Like baby-bulemia level of spittiness. I feel so bad for her! After every feeding, we can count on probably half of it coming back up. And our poor girl squirming and crying in pain... The acid reflux monster couldn't let her be the only unaffected member of the family. :(

Luckily, at her checkup today, she got a prescription for some Zantac! Woohoo! I hope it helps, and quick!

Some fun things to remember about our little one-monther:

-She only wakes up once at night to eat. Her first long sleeping stretch is usually about 6 hours and her second is about 5 hours. It makes for a happy mommy!

-Her eyes are still pretty dark and gray, but every day we're starting to be able to see more and more blue in them :)

-She loves to hear Carrie sing to her. And she very nicely tolerates all of Carrie's sometimes overzealous snuggles ;)

-She's still a fantastic nurser, woohoo! Makes feeding time so convenient!

-She's FAST becoming a binky girl! She loves it, and so do we!

-She goes back and forth between preferring sleeping swaddled up tight and being left loose to sprawl in her crib.

-She's still sleeping in mommy and daddy's room, but mostly just because mommy is too nervous to make the switch to her own room.... Sometime soon....

We're so thrilled to have this little beauty queen in our family and can't believe it's been a whole month already!!


Coleen said...

Brigette is adorable and such a good baby. I am so glad we were able to finally meet her and get to be there for her blessing. She and Carrie are pretty cute together and Carrie is a great big sister. Miss all of you already!
Really enjoyed our weekend together.

The Gatherers said...

what a little sweetie pie!