Monday, August 13, 2012

What a Weekend!

We started off this weekend with a bang! By going to my cousin's wedding in Mesa on Friday. But not just any wedding, the Mega Wedding.... You might have seen it on the news recently, local and national (Good Morning America & CNN) My cousin's fiance was one of 5 siblings to get married that day! They all got engaged within a few months of each other, so they decided to make it one big party! I left Brigette with a friend so I could go to the sealing and after dropping her off, I realized this was the first time I'd ever left her with a babysitter! It was a little weird!

Anyways, three sisters, two brothers, and their fiances all took turns getting married in the Mesa Temple and had one giant reception together that night. It was a blast! Here's Carrie dancing with Grandpa.

And dancing with her cousin Crystal

We didn't get home until after 10 and boy were we tired! After sleeping in, Carrie helped with Brigette's morning bottle (pumped milk I had thawed for the babysitting spell the day earlier so it had to be used quickly)

 All cuddled up after a morning bath. So snuggly :)

Saturday afternoon we went back into Mesa to swim, have a BBQ (that ended up being indoors because of a dust storm), and for Justin to go to a Lifevantage meeting with my dad. Because that was going to go late, we decided to just stay the night and hang out playing games with two cousins and a cousin-in-law. On Sunday morning we were going to head home in time for Justin and Carrie to go to church. We weren't planning on Saturday night being so rough though. Brigette did NOT sleep well.

We had all started to get colds and I think she wasn't feeling all that well either. She was just grumbly and fussy all night. Technically we slept, but it was definitely not restful. So we lazed around and basically slept all day at my parents and mooched dinner before we headed home. Justin got the worst of the colds around here because his came with a hacking cough too. So today he stayed home from work. And thank goodness, because we all needed a day of rest! Hence, our house is a disaster.... I'm not looking forward to cleaning it all up.

Brigette's been just as grumbly and fussy today as she was Saturday night. And it's so frustrating not to know how to fix it! She's started being spitty after feedings too.No fun. This afternoon I think I may have figured out a way to help her be calm enough for long enough to actually take a nap... Tummy Time... :) It was a glorious couple of hours. A couple of hours that I meant to use to clean up and fold laundry that's been sitting in clean piles since Thursday. But nope, she looked so peaceful and comfy, I decided to join her and crash for a half-nap on the floor too.

Carrie couldn't be left out of all the tummy time fun though. She got her own blanket, spread it next to Brigette's and "took a nap". For about 30 seconds ;)

Per Carrie's suggestion, we had macaroni and cheese for dinner... And even that was a lot of hard work to make. Here's hoping we sleep well tonight and get some energy back for tomorrow!

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Coleen said...

What a fun weekend with the big reception, (not the colds and poor sleeping). Hope everyone feels better soon. I love the "girls" having tummy nap time and glad you got one in as well. Brigette already looks bigger. Wait don't grow too much before I get to see you!!!