Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dentist Rookie

Carrie had her first trip to the dentist yesterday! And let me tell you, they give first-timers the royal treatment! She got to watch Bugs Bunny!!

 Lounging in the huge comfy chair

 Completely zoned into Yosemite Sam during her cleaning

Being super brave for her exam!

She even did so well with her cleaning that they decided to attempt a few x-rays (which they normally don't do in kids this young). She did fabulous! When she was all done, she got to pick a kaleidoscope prize from the treasure chest! With a happy report of zero cavities, and new pink kitty cat toothbrush in hand, she left there pretty proud!

Today at preschool, she had another first; Her first show and tell! She took her swimming lessons trophy. Since she'd never done it before, she didn't really get it and wasn't nearly as excited as me, but when she got home and told me all about it, she was psyched to do it again next week! Our little girl is growing up so fast! I love seeing her and all her firsts!

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Coleen said...

Great job Carrie, no cavaties!! She is so cute! Show and Tell is always fun and interesting to see what the kids will share.