Saturday, September 1, 2012

Growing and Learning

I can’t believe it, but Brigette turned 6 weeks old yesterday! She’s growing so fast! She’s finally starting to outgrow a few of her newborn sized clothes, but most of her 0-3 month sizes are still way too big for her. So for now we’re in between. :)

Justin’s parents and grandma got here last night for Brigette’s blessing weekend, and we’ve already been having lots of fun having them here. Brigette and Gigi share a love of naps, for example ;)

Today we went shopping at Target; Mostly to find a dress for Carrie to wear for the blessing tomorrow. While I was going through racks, Nana Coleen was holding Brigette and watching Carrie roam around. Everything was great until I heard Coleen start shouting (very politely) for Carrie to stop running and come back… It didn’t work. It would have been over quickly, except that Coleen had a bad knee injury recently and isn’t exactly in prime marathon-kid-chasing condition because of it… ;)

I started speed walking and calling after her only to have her turn to look at me and BOLT across the length of Target. I had to literally RUN ¾ of the way across the store to catch her. All I can say is she’s very lucky we were in public, or she would have been in much bigger trouble… Anyways, we found a very adorable dress for Carrie for tomorrow (and a few more for both girls, just because). Thanks Nana & Gigi!

While Carrie was at co-op, we enjoyed a night out with Earl, Coleen, and Grandma at Olive Garden, where at one point I had to nurse Brigette standing up in the handicapped stall of the bathroom… Fun stuff ;)

Since we’re having a bunch of people over tomorrow I’m in half-panic mode about having everything ready for lunch and getting us all dressed and ready on time enough to save seats for family at church. So all the non-perishables are set out, plates, forks, cups, napkins etc., and all our clothes, bows, shoes etc. are ready to go.
Here’s hoping tomorrow goes smoothly. It’s now 11:30 and I am going. to. bed…

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