Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brigette is Two Months Old!

Where have the last two months gone?! Our little baby is becoming quite the rolly poly little one! At her two month check up this morning, she was 9lbs, 8oz, 22.5 inches. Surprisingly, this still keeps her at around the 10th percentile for weight!

Her hair is looking kind of red, especially around her temples or allover in the sunlight. She’s starting to get some eyelashes and her eyes are even bluer! Right now she wears about half and half newborn clothes and 0-3 months size.

 She got her first round of immunizations today, and although she did cry, I had a bottle ready and she calmed down very easily with a snack. :) She smiles like a fool all the time now, and is getting more ticklish and giggly. We sure love her! And nobody loves her like Carrie does! She often asks if Brigette can just sleep in her bed with her instead of her crib...

Speaking of adorable Carrie, today she was eating a cheese quesadilla for lunch (the usual). A few bites in, she asked me if she could have some peanut butter on it. I was obviously a little baffled, and a little grossed out. Of course I said no, but after she begged and begged, I finally put a tiny bit on one corner and made her try it, thinking she would realize how totally gross that is.... She "loves it".... No joke... She asked me to spread peanut butter on the rest of it and I watched her scarf it down like it was Thanksgiving dinner.... What a silly girl we have!!

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