Saturday, September 22, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite dads! Mine, and my kiddo's!

We had a super fun weekend, but boy was it bad for my "diet"! We had Taco Bell Thursday night and deep fried chicken strips at Target for lunch on Friday (where I bought some new tennis shoes to make me magically better at working out). Justin enjoyed a day off work playing golf with Brandon, whom he convinced to also take the day off. ;) Then Friday night Justin and I went out to Red Lobster to celebrate his birthday. And we stuffed ourselves; we always do at Red Lobster...

Then this morning we went to Denny's for our 2nd annual Mark & Justin Birthday Breakfast! Okay, I'm not sure if it will actually become an annual thing, but this was the second time we've done it and I'm a fan. I love breakfast :)

Carrie's shirt says, "Daddy's little sunshine". She loved sitting by the birthday boy!

 She also loved taking pictures ;)

Later, we went to San Tan Village, an awesome outdoor mall in Gilbert. I scored a couple new pairs of sandals from Payless, and the kids enjoyed the splash pad! 

And what better way to finish off the day than by visiting daddy's little boy? This was actually Brigette's first time at her brother's grave. 

Our three wonderful kids :)

This is one of my favorites. One, because Brigette is so dang beautiful, and two, because you can see Brigham's name. I think these two had a special connection in heaven. We often wonder if they would have looked alike... We like to think so. :)

Last, but not least, a smiling picture. Though I remember the smile being a lot bigger when I snapped the picture. ;) Good thing it's still cute!

I'm pretty sure she's thinking, "I'm so happy today is my daddy's 29th birthday!" We sure do love him around here!!

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