Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Her Own Room!

Well, last night we tried putting Brigette in her own room to sleep again (we all know last time was a disaster). This time was a success though!! Woohoo!! She stayed in her own room ALL night long!

She ate at 7:00, went to bed at 9:30. She woke up and ate at 1:00, 3:00, and 4:30... I know it sounds like it was a bust, but she was basically asleep the whole night. She definitely ate a full feeding each of those times, but went right back to sleep and slept great in between. Luckily, so did I. We're all happy and rested this morning, so in my book, I call that success :)

She's also smiling more often and we LOVE it! She's so stinkin' cute! I tried to catch a couple on camera today. Of course, that's always tricky, but I caught a couple half-smiles at least. :)

And of course we already knew Carrie was adorable too, but she's even more so when she asks me to take her picture with her sister.

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