Sunday, September 9, 2012

Becoming Christlike

The talks in Sacrament Meeting today were all about giving Christlike service. And I had a bit of a spiritual realization (well, it kind of felt more like a spiritual slap-in-the-face, but that doesn't sound as appropriate). 

Lately I've been having more and more overwhelming, stressful, semi-depressed days. And I haven't known what to do to combat it. During the talks on service today, however, it hit me:

If I'm doing my job as wife and mother correctly, I'm doing Christlike service. If I face my daily duties with that attitude, they'll probably become much easier. True Christlike service is doing something for others that they can't do for themselves. Well, our girls are TOTALLY dependent on us (mostly me) for their daily care, food, nurturing things. This is certainly not to detract from Justin's role in our family as the provider because obviously that's a HUGE part of our lives. If not for him and his service of going to work every day, I wouldn't have the blessing of being able to stay home with our girls.

Anyways, every time I do something in my role as a mother, I'm giving service. I've never looked at it quite like that before, but I love the thought of it.

The best way for me to feel better is to serve. I need to set an alarm and get up and going in the morning, not lounge around waiting for the girls to get up before I even get out of bed. I'm not necessarily excited at this particular thought, but I know I feel better and I'm more productive when I'm ready for the day at the beginning of the day, not 2 or 3pm... Justin's been telling me this one for a while, but sadly I hadn't listened until the Spirit told it to me. Sorry sweetie. :(

Hopefully as I get to feeling better, the mood in our home will change with me and in turn, make our whole family happier. Our routines will flow more smoothly, I'll be able to keep up on chores instead of always feeling like I need to catch up. And hopefully, it will help Carrie's behavior improve. Either that or give me more patience toward her. I often find myself way too short-tempered with her than she probably deserves, and I know a big part of it is the feeling in our home because of my stressed/overwhelmed feelings.

Because honestly, how cute is this girl?... (scene; Justin watching an Arizona Cardinals game)

Justin: Hey, where's Skelton?!

Carrie: Who's Skelton?

Justin: He's the quarterback for the Cardinals.

Carrie: (looking at the TV and thinking) Oh! Is that the team with the Angry Birds on their helmets?! :)

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