Saturday, September 8, 2012

Basketball and Sushi

Lately, some friends of mine have started playing basketball together a few mornings a week at the church. We usually only have 3 on 3, and only a few of the girls actually know what they're doing (I'm not one of them). It's still fun though, and I'm certainly getting a workout!

We all just bring our kids and they play with toys and hangout while we're playing ball. One day though, they found a huge bag of cheddar popcorn one mom had brought and dumped it out. All over the place... Once that happened, we all just said, "Oh well. Eat what you want, we'll vacuum before we leave" :) 

For our co-op date this week, we decided to try a sushi place in town. I've never had it before. Never... I was definitely nervous. I knew there probably wasn't anything to be afraid of, but sushi has a bit of a scary stigma attached to it.... Here goes nothin'.... 

My sushi picture of Justin unintentionally ended up looking like the tongue on the guy from Kiss.... :)

And as you can see since I'm writing about it, we survived! And actually, aside from the few RAW pieces on the plate, we very much enjoyed our meal. We'll definitely be going back again :)

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