Sunday, September 2, 2012

Brigette's Big Day!

Today was absolutely perfect!! Brigette must have known I was stressed and nervous so she slept for a 6 ½ hour stretch, woohoo! And since we had everything all prepped last night, we were easily on time, whew!

The best part of the day though, happened first thing this morning. Brigette smiled at us for the first time! She had just woken up and we were snuggling in bed. We were trying and trying to get her to smile, but it just wasn’t quite happening. Justin finally walked away to start getting ready for the day. A few seconds later, I saw Brigette’s eyes catch mine, so I smiled really big and she smiled huge back!

I felt so bad that Justin had missed it when he had been there only a few seconds before. I was oohing and gushing about it and told him how I’d caught her eyes when she’d done it, so he tried again. I was afraid it was going to be a one-time-only thing (at least for a few hours or something), but she smiled for Justin too! A TRUE social smile! It was wonderful!

Brigette was given a beautiful blessing by her Papa Earl and several loving family members and friends. Right after Sacrament Meeting everyone came to our house for subs, chips, potato salad, cookies, and soda. There were LOTS of people and it was LOTS of fun!

Brigette looked gorgeous in her dress (I’m so proud of myself that it turned out), and she was a peach all day! Carrie had her share of mood-swingy moments, but considering the three ring circus we ran today, I’d say she did pretty good.

Since Carrie had a grumpy face, we all decided to do one ;)

I’m so thankful for the Priesthood and the opportunity we have for our babies to be blessed. And I'm especially thankful for both of our wonderful loving families. :)

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