Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crafty Baby Things

Yesterday was my sister's baby shower. She had asked me to make her crib bedding for her and I just kept putting it off. I finally got all the fabric about a month ago and started actually working on it about 2 weeks ago, for about a day. Then I got tired and lazy and didn't do anything else until Friday. That's right. The day before the shower.... I worked on it all day Friday. Carrie and I were in pajamas all day, I wasn't wearing any makeup, didn't put my contacts in.... Nothing. But look what I got done!

This is the detail from the bottom of the nursing cover. She's having a boy, but I tried to make it gender neutral so she can use it for a girl too in the future.

A diaper and wipes case. Very handy when you're out and about, it holds a little travel sized wipes thing and about 3 diapers. It really makes the diaper bag more organized!

Three little owls art project. I was so excited for this! I knew I would have scraps left over from the bedding so I planned out this project. I was nervous because I didn't know if she would like the owl idea, but she loved it! So darn cute! And easy too! I drew my own little pattern, cut out pieces and glued them on!

At about 4pm, I decided to start a quilt. I'm crazy, I know. It was on my "maybe" list of bedding to do. Of course I didn't just go with an easy pattern of 16 or 20 plain old squares like I usually do.... I don't know what got into me, but I pulled out graph paper and started drawing up this semi-crazy, very piecey pattern. I'm so proud of myself though! I stayed up until 1am finishing it. It's by far, the coolest looking quit I've ever made. I told Justin I was going to have a hard time giving it away. He assured me that now this would just be motivation to make even cooler ones for our own kids.

At the shower, we played baby Scattergories, The Price is Right, and a Nursery Rhyme guessing game. Carrie had fun playing with another little girl named Mia. Mostly ring-around-the-rosie.

At one point after "they all fell down", and Carrie jumped up to play again, Mia asked, "How many times do we have to do this?" But she kept playing anyways. It was hilarious....

A random quirky thing Carrie likes to do when she's coloring with markers.... Take off all the lids, color, and when she's done, match them up with their lids one by one. She's actually very good at matching them though!

When I told Carrie it was time to go home after the shower was over, she said with a sad frown, "Noooo, I want to stay at grandma's". My mom said that would be fine, so Carrie said, "I love you Mommy! Bye bye!", and she stayed there. My mom is bringing her home tomorrow. As for us, we enjoyed a "night out" last night at KFC, Redboxed "The Switch" and enjoyed Sacrament Meeting peacefully today. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow :)


Mrs. Jaybird said...

I want to be just like you and make things for my sisters (and future sisters-in-law) when they have babies. You are such a talented mommy!

The Hansen Family said...

You are so crafty, I need to come apprentice you for about a week, and pick your brain! I especially love the Owl craft, that's the theme in Owen's room, and I've been looking for something owl-ish to create for his wall, thanks for the great idea!!! I should hire you to fix the bumper my mother in law made...lets just say it was done in a rush and completely NOT what I ordered...hmmmm, i'll have to handle this situation carefully! At least the owl quilt she made came out perfect!

The Gatherers said...

Oh the stuff you made turned out so cute! I bet Marissa loved it! I am in love with the owls!