Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Love Cookies!

I'm a sucker for cookie dough.... It's just too good to pass up. Chocolate chip especially. With semi-sweet chocolate chips. NOT milk chocolate. Justin and Carrie sure enjoy it when I make cookie dough too. Yummy ;)
My favorite chocolate chip recipe makes about 9 dozen cookies at a time. So when I make a batch I scoop all the dough out and put the dough balls in the freezer. Once they're frozen I put them all in a gallon bag and I can make cookies whenever I want without having to do the whole process! (This is my "leftovers" after I baked up 30 cookies....)

Carrie also discovered a new way to play with her alphabet puzzle. Who needs to match the letters up in the right spot? Making a tower is way cooler!! I'm pretty sure this picture was taken before the cookie dough incident. Otherwise I think the sugar rush might have messed with her stacking abilities!


The Picketts said...

Can you share your cookie dough recipe?! I'd LOVE to do that very thing (freezing them)!

Heather Farnsworth said...

What a good idea about freezing them! I feel silly now for never thinking about that. I always am craving cookies but don't want to go through the effort of making them everytime. Problem solved!

Coleen said...

Oh she is so cute sitting with her legs crossed. What is it about chocolate chip cookie dough that is just so wonderful, I don't know, but it just is! Can't wait to see you guys in just a few weeks.

The Gatherers said...

I agree I'd love the recipe that's such a great idea to freeze them!