Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today I am finally 10 weeks! A quarter of the way through my pregnancy! I've been teased for "celebrating" this minor milestone with my other two pregnancies, but this time it's different.

Hopefully it hasn't shown too much on here, but I've been a little crankier than normal with this pregnancy. I feel fine, I'm not sick, mostly just a little tired, and overall I don't mind being pregnant. (I might even be teetering toward enjoying it). But I've realized a combination of things that have made this pregnancy seem to draaaggggg already.

First, I wished I had been able to get pregnant right away after Brigham died. But it took 4 months.... Not forever long, but too long for me. Even then, being pregnant again only 4 months after having Brigham gave me pretty much no time to get rid of my baby weight before I started it up again. So I feel huge for 10 weeks. I'm pretty sure I look the same now as I did at 17 weeks with Brigham. See for yourself.

This is today, baby #3, at 10 weeks:
And this was Brigham at 17 weeks......
Second, At my first ultrasound appointment they measured the baby and moved my due date backwards by 12 days! Which means I feel like right now I should be 12 weeks, not just barely 10. This also means that miraculously, my home pregnancy test picked up enough Hcg hormone at 2 weeks to show a positive result. Technically not possible. I shouldn't have been able to know I was pregnant then. (I'm still trying to figure this one out. I'm going to bring it up at the doctor tomorrow)

Third, (and what I feel is the biggest thing), I feel like I'm going to be pregnant for-ev-er.... I got pregnant with Brigham immediately after we moved into this house last April.

Everything was so crazy in his short life it kind of seems like a dream! I never got the full reality of being pregnant, having the baby, bringing him home, bathing him, feeding him, cuddling him, having him become a part of our family's home life routine....

We were ready to have a newborn in our house in January of this year, but we never got to bring him home. By the time I get to actually bring a new baby home, we'll be just a few weeks shy of living here for two years! Hence, this pregnancy feels like an extension of Brigham's pregnancy and I feel like I should be monumentally further along than 10 weeks!!

Anyways, enough whining. Happy thoughts. I'm beyond thrilled to be having another baby soon. And I'm sure it really will fly by and be February before I know it. (right???.....)


Duncan Family said...

Becca! I'm so excited for you! I am so happy that you are so happy about your pregnancy! Wishing you all the best!
Tom, Em and Elliana

Heather Farnsworth said...

I don't think you look as big as you did with Brigham quite yet.. you are still looking really good! I hear you show sooner the more pregnancies you have and since this is #3 for you.. understandable!
I hope this pregnancy goes by quick for you.. I'm sure it'll get better once its not hot, middle of the summer any more.

Coleen said...

Well I think you look great and I mean that. I also think you might be having some baby blues. Like you mentioned, the pregnancy and everything after Brigham was born was a whirlwind, and I don't know if you've fully had a chance to grasp everything, that might account for some cranky feelings.. But who knows, enjoy this pregnancy, don't rush it, this baby will be here before you know it and be smothered with love from Carrie and everyone who can't wait to meet this "new addition".!

Laura Cook said...

My doctor did the same thing to me after the first ultrasound (changed the date to a week later). Lily was 3 weeks early. Those ultrasounds aren't always all that accurate, so there's still a chance you're closer to 12 weeks than 10 weeks like the ultrasound said. :D I hope time starts moving a little faster for you. We are so happy and excited for you and your family! :D

Rachelle Alexander said...

I don't know you ( I read about Brigham through Stephanie LaPray), but I am pregnant too, 24 weeks. When I was 14 weeks I was told I was off by 12 days and changed my due date from November 17 to November 29. I told them how wrong they were, it was not possible for me to be off by 12 days. Come my next ultrasound I measure right on and my due date is November 17. I want to say that your spirit and example through the gift of Brigham has been what we should all aspire to be. Good luck and thank you for sharing.

The Gatherers said...

You definately are not as big as you were at 17 weeks with Brigham,really, you look so great. I really think the summer heat makes you feel so much bigger than you actually are. It is tough being pregnant back to back, it's hard not having that baby in your arms as proof that it really all happened. But I'm so glad you did get pregnant right away, I think it's such a blessing to be pregnant when you celebrate that first birthday of your angel, atleast for me I felt a lot less lonely. Just think your second trimester is right around the corner and so you will hopefully be feeling great in no time!
I really hope this pregnancy flies by for you!

Jeni Brown said...

I don't think you look as big as you did with Brigham at 17 weeks. Also I think you look great you don't look like you have baby weight from Brigham! Second of all I am sooo excited for you guys to be having another one and also so excited that we are having a kiddo around each other again! I am 7 weeks right now my due date is March 12th! Well hang in there!

Aubri said...

Just for the record, you are DEFINITELY tinier than that pic of Brigham at 17 weeks. You're little and cute, and glowy and perfect. It's a fact.

Also, kudos to you for posting this. So many people gloss over their feelings and don't really talk it out. Way to go for saying what you feel. I'm pretty sure you're 100% normal, you have been through so much. Feel what you're feeling, honor those feelings, and let yourself grieve.

I love you, Rebecca... I really do.

LUCKY7 said...

You look fine you silly girl! You have to remember that it's like a balloon and every time your baby space gets blown up it just gets easier and easier to blow it up :). Annette said with her last pregnancy (her third she was showing at 8 weeks)
I kinda know how you feel, not really but kinda, with the miscarriage we had in Jan I feel like I should be almost done and having a baby soon, so I feel like I have been pregnant ALL year AND they pushed back my due date 3 weeks, when I thought I was almost 12 weeks I was informed that I was WRONG. that sucks! I know!