Saturday, July 23, 2011

In the Car

Because I can, here's a couple quick pics from our trip into town last night.

Carrie is still not a good napper and it shows every once in a while. At 5:30 yesterday while we were driving into Mesa she fell asleep in the car. In perfect sunbathing position. ;)

And since I already had the camera out, I decided to try to get a cute picture of us. I guess this is close enough..... :)

When we were almost all the way back home, a motorcycle pulled up to a light a couple of lanes over. It had glowing green lights in all the undercarriage stuff. It looked so cool! I tried to take a picture, but the light changed and I didn't have time to switch my settings on the camera to "it's really dark outside". I tried to snap a quick pic anyways, and got this.

Because it was so dark, the shutter stayed open for a really long time and captured all the lights in motion. I think I've found a fun new way to play with my camera!

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