Sunday, July 17, 2011

Party Weekend

We've had quite a fun filled weekend so far! Friday afternoon, a friend called me to see if I could sub for her Bunco group that night. I'm so glad I went! It was a lot of fun! The theme of the night was anything asian. There were little paper lanterns hung all over, egg rolls to munch on and dessert sushi. Rice krispie treats and a swedish fish wrapped in a piece of fondant and little cinnabon rollls wrapped in fondant and topped with coconut and little pieces of tootsie rolls! Creative huh?!

Saturday morning I was up early to go set up for our ward water party. (The Primary presidency was in charge of organizing this activity). We played water kickball with little kiddie pools full of water for the bases and a slip-n-slide into home plate! And to make it even better, the sprinklers turned on on the field right as we started to play!
We also tried to play water volleyball. We had teams of two people holding a towel and trying to fling water balloons over the net to teams on the other side... It didn't work very well. We learned it's really more of a game for teenagers or adults. Kids don't quite have to coordination or speed to make it work. But it was fun to watch them try!

Carrie liked being the "re-loader". She'd run to the bucket of water balloons, grab one and go put it in our friends' Tom and Stephan's towel.

Then it was launch time!

We had also set up some relay games, but they never really got organized enough to play. The kids just had fun playing with giant sponges in the buckets of water.

When we were all tired out, we munched on otter pops and watermelon. Perfect on a hot day!

Yummy yummy!!

When we got home around 11:00, we ate lunch and napped for almost 4 hours! I don't think Carrie ever actually fell asleep, but she played in her room for a long time while Justin and I napped. It was wonderful! We were too lazy to do anything for dinner so we grabbed some Sonic coupons and ate out. We rented the movie "Monsters vs. Aliens" and had a campout pajama/movie party in the family room.

Carrie was snuggling (smothering) daddy and asked me to take a picture ;)

We had a lot of fun and it's nice to have had a break from the craziness so far today. Thank goodness for the "day of rest"! Justin has the day off tomorrow because he has to work over the weekend, so tomorrow our weekend continues! We're excited to have him home for an extra day! It should be fun, but hopefully it won't be quite so busy! ;)


Coleen said...

Love it!!!!!

Tommy and Megan said...

I love that she is wearing "cars" jammies!