Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Thought It Would Never Happen!

FINALLY!!!! Carrie had a #2 success on the potty!!!

Sorry if you think that's gross to announce, but seriously, it's been 4 weeks and this is the first time!

My mom had read something about one mom who told her potty-training son that when he went on the potty, and flushed it, it went down to feed the fishies. My mom took Carrie to the bathroom before bed just now and asked her if she wanted to feed the fishies and Carrie said yes! Hallelujah! There was a LOT of squealing, hugs, high fives, and victory ice cream!

And as long as I'm blogging, here's a cute picture of Justin and Carrie snuggling for Sunday afternoon naptime. It would have been cuter if Carrie had actually gone to sleep, but hey, it was cute for the 10 seconds of pretending....

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The Gatherers said...

Hooray! All your hard work is paying off!