Friday, July 15, 2011

Playing With the Camera

Every once in a while, (seemingly random to me), Carrie will ask me to take her picture. She usually has a specific toy she wants in the picture with her, or a specific place she wants to sit. More often than not, that place is the stairs; I have no idea why.

Anyways, today she was using her vivid imagination telling me there was a tiger in our kitchen and we should go see it. Apparently it was a friendly tiger because she asked me to take her picture with it. She sat on the kitchen floor, motioned to the imaginary tiger to come sit next to her and said, "Cheese!!"
Then she wanted pictures with Mommy in them too. After the first several "regular smiley face" picture attempts failed, I suggested we make a silly face and stick out our tongues.

I love taking pictures with my silly, happy, imaginative, wonderful girl!!

An example of her complete adorable-ness; As I'm typing this, she's plunking out random notes on the piano and singing "Happy Birthday" to her Lightning McQueen toy car.... :)