Sunday, July 24, 2011

So Much Cuter When You're Two

There are several cute, short, quotable stories about Carrie at the end of the post, but first a couple quick stories from when Justin and I were kids.

Justin broke his leg falling off a table in nursery at church when he was two. He had a whole leg cast that he used to swing around and hit his sisters with. If he were to do something like that now, it would just be mean! But because he was two, it was really cute! (Although still mean.)

When I was two, I was waiting at the hospital with my grandma when my little sister was born. I had been playing with some toys in the waiting area and my grandma said, "OK it's time to go. I'll count to 20 while you clean up the toys." Apparently I turned to her and said, "No, I'll count to 20 and you clean up the toys."
How rude right?! I'm the one that made the mess! But because I was such a smarty pants, my grandma couldn't help but smile and clean up the toys while I counted.

Two year olds are just cute. And sometimes the funny things they say are enough to make you laugh until you cry.

My current favorite example, my own two year old. (surprised?)

Carrie: (Lays down on the family room floor) "I'm going to take a rest with my blankets"
Justin: (Trying to help) "Do you need a pillow?" (Waves one in the air)
Carrie: "Ummm.... No"
Justin: (had already started to throw the pillow towards her)
Carrie: (throws the pillow back toward Justin) "I said NO! I DON'T need it! I'm FRUSTRATED! You need to LISTEN to me!!!"

Me: "Carrie, it's time for dinner!"
Carrie: (runs over to the table and looks in her bowl) "Ooooo, is this mac 'n' cheese?"
Me: "Well, it's kind of like mac 'n' cheese. It's called stroganoff"
Carrie: "Oh! Hi stroganoff! Nice to meet you! I'm going to eat you OK?!" (takes a huge bite)

Carrie: (to her baby doll Wren) "You have to tell me when you need to go potty OK?"

Me: "Carrie, please come put your shoes on, it's time to go to Walmart"
Carrie: "OK, but first, I have a question"
Me: "OK, what's your question?"
Carrie: (whispering) "I love you"

Carrie: (being very grumpy in the cart at walmart)
Me: "Carrie I need you to have a happy face please."
Carrie: "NO! No happy face!!" (huge grumpy face instead)
Me: "Well where did it go?"
Carrie: (still with a frown on her face and in her voice) "I think it ran away!... Yeah, my happy face ran away!"

Today she introduced me to her new (imaginary) pet dog named Ruffie. Aparently, she's pink all over and says "ruff, ruff".

Lastly, a few more cute things with pictures to go along with them. We painted toenails yesterday and this picture is proof that Carrie has been well trained in the art of blowing the paint dry before she gets up to play.

Pulling all the cushions off the living room couch is one of her new favorite things to do and it's driving me a little bit crazy, but look how cute she is all snuggled up inside....

I saved an empty paper towel roll yesterday and gave it to her to be a "binocular". She tried to look through it with both eyes by putting it on the bridge of her nose.

When I tried to teach her how to look through with only one eye, she couldn't keep only the one eye open, so we taught her how to hold the other one shut. Looks silly, but it worked! I'm sure I looked ridiculous trying to show her how, but she just looks cute. Even with her hair sticking up all over the place from her time between the couch cushions. It's amazing!


Karissa said...

I love posts like this- it's so fun to hear cute stories about the random things two year olds do/ say =)

The Gatherers said...

oh goodness,she is too funny! 2 year olds are the best!

Coleen said...

She would probably love a kalidescope (sp).!