Saturday, March 24, 2012

Didn't Have To Wait Very Long!

I guess I was antsy enough about the backyard to just get it done! Before the grass guys left a few days ago, I asked for a quote on rock and installation. We looked up the cost of doing it ourselves and the difference was so minimal, we called the guys back and said we'd just pay them to do it!

One big plus of them doing it was they'd get rid of all the weeds first. That alone would have been a horrible pain!!! See what I mean?!

Turns out, they could come in only a couple days, so we didn't even have to wait very long! Weeds cleared, 5 new bushes planted, and rocks spread, and they were done in about 5 hours. Awesome :)

We were working for a little while digging down the playground area to make room for the sand to be a little deeper. I caught Justin taking a break.... On Carrie's tricycle....

Even with help from our friend Eli and his pick axe, we didn't get the playground finished, but it's at least started. We dumped the dirt into our garden wall to build it up before we add potting soil to the top to plant in it.
I planted some yellow snap dragons and pink, white, and purple petunias around the bottoms of the trees. They make the yard look so finished :)

We put in three pink oleanders (yes, they're poisonous, but I've done a lot of research and the risk is minimal enough for us to feel safe about them)

And two morning glories on either side of the garden wall.

A view of the yard from Brigham's tree. Hopefully soon, we'll be getting a little picket fence to go around the A/C units, for looks and to block them off from kids.

The only unfinished part of the yard. We're going to try to get it done as soon as we can, but I'm not much help in the digging and wheelbarrow lugging department....

The side yard, free from the oodles of weeds that recently covered it. Also the future shed/storage spot for all the shovels, compost bins, and other yard work type things.

I saved the best view for last. This gives the best angle to see all the bushes, trees, flowers, and beautiful green grass. We're so excited for our yard to be almost done!! (Two years after we moved in!) ;P


Chelsea said...

It looks so great! I love how you planned it all out and how it's coming together.

Henderson Family said...

Totally excited about your yard, but it makes me antsy to get my own done!!! Thanks:) By the way, your yard looks AMAZING!!!

Heather Farnsworth said...

It looks so good! How nice that you guys have your own little space to sit back, relax, and play!

Coleen said...

The yard looks fantastic! It is so nice not to have "dirt" and it will be cooler for you to be outside this summer too and have a play area for Carrie and an area for you to be with Brigette. Great job everyone!

theuhis said...

The yard looks awesome! It must feel so good every time you look at it. How fun for Carrie to have such a nice yard to play in. Good job you guys! :)