Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Latest on Our Girls

This isn't going to be a very wordy post, but still cute nonetheless. Carrie is deciding more and more that she wants to be independent. Lately, her independence has included dressing herself. Tonight though, she got herself in a little bit of a tangled situation and finally had to ask for help. Here's what her attempt at jammies turned into..... "A little help please mom?".....

And I wish I had a picture of Brigette, but I don't :( I should have another ultrasound in one of my next few appointments though, so hopefully soon. Anyways, the only thing I have to show an update on her of, is the fabric for her room!
I trekked to Hobby Lobby yesterday with Carrie (I'll admit, I was nervous, I knew it would take a while). Although we were there for two hours while I picked and chose fabric for Brigette's bumper, bedskirt, art projects, valance, curtain, and changing table cover... Carrie was a champ! It wasn't until the last 5 minutes while we were at the register that she started to be whiny and sick of it. It probably helped that I got her her own cart to sit in and let her drain my phone battery watching mickey mouse on youtube and playing games... ;)

I'm excited to get started on it soon! I know I still have 4 months, but it's going to creep up on me, I can tell!!

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