Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just For Fun

Because I'm so excited about having my van back during the day, I decided to take Carrie on a spontaneous trip to Yogurt Jungle today. Because I knew it would be fun and cute, I brought my camera. And I started snapping at a stop sign in our neighborhood on the way out.

Strawberry "yogurt ice cream". She picked it because it was pink ;)

Then loaded it up with toppings.... Whatever she wanted... gummy bears, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, circus animal cookies, mini m & m's, gummy hearts, and a sour gummy worm on top.... Can you say sugar rush?

Showing off her masterpiece

Taking the first huge sugary bite!

Very pleased with her selections

I got peanut butter frozen yogurt (Oooohhh so yummy) with peanut butter cups and brownie bits mixed in.

Veeeery pleased with my selections too, yummy.....

Loving our mommy-daughter date!

Since we had nothing else to do today, we stayed to play with a puzzle at the yogurt shop

Earlier tonight Justin and I were "having a date" watching a show downstairs and Justin suggested Carrie get some of her friends to sit by her upstairs while she watched her show. So we got all her stuffed animals... She wasn't lacking for company on her "date"!


Coleen said...

How cute! Lots of friends sharing a movie. Love it!

The Gatherers said...

cute ideas! Also I love your hair in these pics!