Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today was supposed to be productive. Allow me to quote myself from this morning's facebook status update. "Alright, yesterday was a lazy tired day and today I HAVE to make up for it! Shower, tidy up, dishes, sweep, vacuum, lunch, doc appt, errands, bathrooms, dinner, crash on the couch!!! Thursday, here I come!!"

Well... I didn't do much of anything on my list today. By lunchtime, all I'd done on my list was shower. Who wants to tidy up, do dishes, sweep, and vacuum when you could do this instead?

Brigette's dresser before (It used to be in the family room before the new bookshelf took its place)

Brigette's dresser after!!
When the dresser used to be downstairs the paint color looked very pink. It must have been a combination of the yellow walls and lighting though because when we moved it into her room, it was a yucky pinkish red... Not at all what I wanted. So I redid it! (Don't worry, the room was very well ventilated!)

So although I didn't clean anything, I got a project done and I'm really excited about it :) The only other thing I got done the rest of the day was going to my doctor's appointment. Which was actually wonderfully boring and short. Weight, blood pressure, Brigette's heartbeat, measure my tummy, and gone. I'll have another ultrasound in 4 weeks, so hopefully I'll get some cute pictures to post!

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