Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Time

I'm LOVING the weather today! Carrie and I spent a couple hours in the front yard trimming bushes, blowing bubbles, and making chalk drawings. I loved it!

Her beautiful rainbow

Her drawing of daddy. I was very impressed! She loves to color, but hasn't started drawing "real" pictures very often yet, so this was awesome!

She did draw a picture of me, but it ended up being unrecognizable once she added in all my "hair", so I didn't take a picture of that one. This one on the right is her. I asked if she could draw Brigette too. She said, "Sure!", and proceeded to draw the green scribbles to the left of her self portrait.... I said, "That's not what Brigette looks like! She has a head, eyes, nose, mouth, arms, and legs.... Just like you... She's just really small..." Carrie wasn't convinced.... She added a couple more scribbles and reiterated, "Mommy, that's Brigette." So I drew in the tiny stick figure. She'll figure it out someday!
I think Carrie was excited to have me go outside too instead of always being stuck in the backyard alone. Although she hasn't complained in the last hour that she's been "stuck in the backyard" riding her bike and playing in the dirt...

I'm just excited for the awesome weather! Before we know it, it'll be swimming weather, and boy am I going to need it this summer!! ;)


Brittney said...

So fun!!! I'm excited for the spring weather as well.

Coleen said...

How fun. The yard is looking good. Grass is doing good. Sidewalk chalk is fine and easy to clean off too. Love ya guys.