Thursday, March 22, 2012

Preschool Preview

Carrie and I got to have a fun morning today at our friend's preschool. My friend Laura will be Carrie's preschool teacher next year, but we got a sneak peek today. "Miss Laura" needed help putting on a puppet show for the kids, so she asked me to come and invited us to stay for the whole preschool class today.

It's letter P week so this first picture is Miss Laura teaching the kids how to make paper bag piggie puppets. They got to color, cut out the pig, and glue it on. It was fun to watch Carrie try to keep up with the "big kids". She's not quite used to it yet (especially compared to these kids who have been in preschool since August), but she'll get there in no time.

Patiently waiting for the doggy to be brought inside so they could go into the backyard for "recess"

Learning how the "snack of the day" is made....

It's popcorn!!

Enjoying the yummy "letter P" snack

Our puppet show was a fun version of "The Three Little Pigs". I got to be one of the pigs (the straw house one) and the Wolf. It was really fun to hear the kids giggle when I "huffed and puffed"... Sadly, because Laura and I were the only adults there, we have no pictures of the puppet show, but it was really fun to do. :)

Although Carrie seemed to have a little bit of a harder time following directions than the older kids, I'm really excited for her to start preschool next year. She'll be with a new class of kids, all her age, who have never gone before either, so she'll be in the same learning curve. And it's perfect timing, preschool will be starting only a few weeks after Brigette arrives, so mommy will get a couple of hours a couple days a week of "alone time" with Brigette. :)


The Chipmans said...

Thanks for the fun post! I never get to see pictures of me at preschool because I'm always taking them. Carrie is going to do great and I can't wait too!

Coleen said...

That will be so fun for Carrie going to preschool and also a big help to mommy and a new baby!