Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Trip to the Zoo

The day started off both awesome and hilarious at the same time. I love St. Patrick's Day because it's easy. Wear green.... I remember my mom doing a couple cool things to make it a little extra fun when I was a kid. They're pretty easy, so I tried to be a cool mom and duplicate them.

When we first walked into the kitchen I asked Carrie to open the fridge to see if she could find anything green, and that would mean the leprechauns came to visit us. She was thrilled to open the fridge and squeel, "The milk! The milk is green!!"

When it came to green scrambled eggs, however, she wasn't quite as convinced.... (This is not staged, there's no way I cold have planned her face/reaction that well if I'd wanted to!)
Luckily, here's how it went down.... Sad stare (as pictured above)... Look at mom.... Look at dad... "Well.... Ok. I'll try them..." And she loved them! Ate her whole plate worth!

We all got dressed in green and I packed a picnic lunch. I'm not quite sure why I took a picture of it, but it was an out-of-the-ordinary fun thing so....

Then we hopped in the van to go to the zoo with some friends! This was my attempt at getting a picture of Carrie on the ride up. She decided the best way to "block" me was to use my phone as a shield for her face... Silly girl!

Waiting at the zoo entrance while Daddy parked the car. So excited!

Mommy and Carrie. I was excited too! As far as I can remember, I've never been to this zoo! Kind of crazy considering I've lived here since I was 9!

Riding on Daddy's shoulders just inside the gate

It only lasted long enough for us to grab this family shot and then she wanted down. Sure it's a great view, but you can't run around!

Carrie stretching her neck out like a giraffe

Looking in at the tiger exhibit

After having to be picked up to be able to see into the tiger cage, she seemed to need to climb every other fence we came to, even if it was shorter than she was...

Bring on the PB&J! And bananas, and apples, and chips, and oreos, and caprisuns!

And after a little de-stickifying of the hands and face, Carrie was off to play in "the caves". This little play area is the splash pad during the summer months, but for now was just a cool cave to climb in and slide down a few slides... Except she wimped out at the top and would NOT go down... I finally had to climb in after her to get her out of the other kids' way... :P

Chillaxin in the stroller
A picture of all the friends we went with: Indianna, Isaiah, Grace (the birthday girl; thanks for inviting us!) and Carrie. Their parents and baby siblings were there too, but I don't have pictures of them, sorry ;)

It was definitely a loooooong hike back to the car! Good thing we had fun!! Thanks to our friends for inviting us!

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Coleen said...

A trip to the zoo is always fun. You definitely get your exercise too!