Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Grass!

You've seen pictures of our backyard before, but today we overhauled it a bit. On Halloween last year, we planted grass seed. We "leveled" the dirt ourselves between birds eating some and some other parts just plain failing, we ended up with a lumpy, unattractive patch of grass-like stuff....
Today we paid someone to come out, get rid of our old grass, level everything out, and lay new beautiful sod!

First, the sod cutter to gut out our ugly grass

They also replaced all our sprinkler heads with better ones. They have attachments on the bottom that have hinges all over, so if a sprinkler head gets kicked, or knocked by the lawn mower, they won't break, they'll just tip or lean a bit. This is totally awesome to us, because in the two times the lawn got mowed, three sprinkler heads got busted off.... :/

And then they got to rolling out the sod, woohoo!!!

Justin got home from work while they were there and enjoyed pushing Carrie on the swings and watching someone else do the work for a change! ;)

They rolled it out to squish it down and make it nice and smooth....

And voila!! Gorgeous new grass!

Of course, now this makes me antsy to get the rocks, plants, and sand, and garden done so it'll be complete!

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