Friday, March 9, 2012

Love This Girl

When I went to take this picture last night, Justin said, "All the pictures you have of us together are snuggling on the couch..." I just said, "Well, that's when you guys are your cutest!".... She loves snuggling up to daddy. :)

Today I thought I'd indulge my adorable three year old and take some advice from a fellow-mommy-photographer.... We went to the grocery store with Carrie wearing a crown and butterfly wings and mommy with camera in hand... :)

It's adorable, when she tries to "fly" with her wings, she doesn't like to flap her arms, she likes to hold onto the tips of the wings and make them flap up and down while she runs! It makes more sense when you really think about it.

I love this girlie and her cute personality more and more every day! I can't wait to see what cute girlie things she'll teach her little sister!

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Coleen said...

She's a cutie alright!