Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Luck Airman Payne!

In a few days, a good friend of ours is leaving for Basic Training with The Air Force! Airman Cameron Payne reports this coming Tuesday, so tonight they hosted a going away party for him!

Corynn asked me to make these patriotic cupcakes to bring.It's easier than it looks. I mixed up a plain white cake mix from a box, divided the batter into thirds and added blue food coloring to one, and red to another. I used my mini cookie dough scooper to plop an equal amount of each color into a regular cupcake liner and tah-dah! red-white-and-blue cupcakes!

A close up :)

Carrie enjoyed licking the blue batter off the spatula, who wouldn't? ;)

And although I carried my camera around all night, this is the only picture I took. After we barbequed, it was time to challenge Cameron. Most of the boys lined up on the floor for one straight minute of as many pushups as you could do. Only one guy beat Cameron, and it shouldn't really count because he's already in the Air Force ;) The rest of the "civilian boys" put up a good fight though! Justin pumped out 35 before the minute was up.

Once the boys were done and Cameron was good and tired, the girls challenged him to "girl pushups". Honestly, I can't even remember how many Cameron got, but I was extremely proud of myself! Even at 22 weeks preggo, I got 35 in my minute! Physically, I was done around 30, but once I was so close to Justin's number I struggled and forced myself to get all the way to 35, just so I could say I matched him. Even though I really didn't because he did "man pushups"... But still :)

We had fun with friends and wish Airman Payne good luck in Basic Training and Tech School! See you in 6 months friend!!

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Coleen said...

Cupcakes look great! Good Job..