Monday, March 19, 2012

Starting to Decorate

Even though we were tired, I convinced Justin to stop at Hobby Lobby on the way home from the zoo on Saturday so I could pick up the wooden letters to spell Brigette's name in her room. I love doing this project for each of my kiddos!

After about 5 long hours of extremely fine-tipped paintbrush acrylic work...... Ta-dah!!

And close ups of the letters so you can really admire my handy-work!

I love them!! I can't wait to put them up and get going on transforming her room into a girl room! I see another trip to Hobby Lobby for fabric in my near future..... ;)

**And on a side note, Justin and I were both miserably sick yesterday. We've got runny, stuffy noses, horrible coughs, and sore throats! Yuck!! We're coming down from it a bit today, and feeling very lucky that our sweet three year old is so good at self-entertaining! (And by the way, painting wooden letters is a great "I want to laze around in my PJs while I still feel like crud" activity) ;)

Today as I was blowing my nose, Carrie started giggling and said, "Mommy, you're making me laugh when you're hachooing!!".... I thought that was so clever of her! Inventing a new verb from what it sounds like when you sneeze/blow your nose...... I might have to start using that one.... ;)


Stephanie said...

The letters are just darling!!! My mom made us names out of wood and painted them too!!!! YOU ROCK!

Coleen said...

I love the letters! You did a great job on them. Looks like maybe you have some great color ideas for the baby's room already.