Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Almost Time to Meet Brigham!

Happy 39 weeks to me!

I had a mini appointment yesterday where all I had done was a non-stress test. I was happy that this time I was actually showing contractions on the monitor! I feel like I've been having them (still only Braxton Hicks) allll the time, but the last few weeks, any time they've hooked me up to a monitor, I've had NONE!

It was nice to be able to prove that they actually do exist! They're wimpy, short-lived and irregular, but they're there!

And drumroll...... We have an official time for induction: FRIDAY, JANUARY 7th at 8:30 AM!!!

I'll have one final hoorah appointment on Thursday afternoon to do one last NST, ultrasound and see a doctor before I go into the hospital Friday morning. I had a monster melt-down last week when I realized Brigham likely wasn't coming on his own before induction day, but I've given up, in a good way. The past several days have gone by quickly (just like Justin said they would), and hopefully the next few days will too.

We'll have internet access at the hospital and someone (likely not me) will be posting semi-ASAP to let you all know when Brigham arrives!

Three more days! Three more days! Three more days!!


Heather F said...

You might still have him before your induction.. you never know! You look tiny for 39 weeks

Aubri said...

YAY FOR THREE MORE DAYS!!! I'm so excited for little Brigham to get here! You're all in my prayers for a safe, easy, and healthy delivery... and that all the rest of his medical care goes safely and healthily as well! Can't wait to hear that he's here!

Jacob & Clarissa said...

Good luck with everything! I'm glad you have a time to look forward to!

Jenelle said...

Good luck with everything! Can't wait to see pics of the little guy!

Elise said...

You still look fabulous and cute! I'm praying for all of you guys. You are so brave. I'll be sending good vibes and visualizing success your way.