Monday, January 17, 2011

The "Brigham Beard"

The last time Justin shaved was the night before Brigham was born, At first it was because he had forgotten to pack his razor to bring to the hospital and we didn't go home for a week. Now, it has become a tribute to Brigham's stay in the NICU. The "Brigham beard" will be shaved the day he comes home from the hospital. I usually hate facial hair, but the idea was so cute, especially because of the alliteration, I had to "approve".

A view of Brigham's room... Lots and lots of equipment for such a tiny little guy.

The newest picture of our little man. The swelling has gone back up since yesterday :(

Today we got a repeat of last week's switcharoo episode. All the labs were starting to act up again, so they did more blood cultures, started another round of antibiotics and switched out the circuit again. This time they also added an extra component to the machine.
I don't know how well I've explained it before, but the ECMO is basically heart & lung bypass. There is a component in the machine that acts as the heart and one that acts as the lungs. Today the extra thing they added is called a hemofilter. In plain english, this acts as a kidney. Brigham's kidneys are functioning just fine, but this added part will hopefully help get the extra fluid (swelling) out of his system.
Surgery date is still up in the air, but the chances are going up of it happening while he's still on ECMO, rather than trying to wean him off first.
Justin's parents were able to visit this weekend and we were glad to have them come. Life at home is getting back to "normal", but it's hard on all of us. Justin and I are tired; my back still aches a little (I'm all out of vicodin), and Justin has to go back to work tomorrow. I think Carrie is "done" with all the excitement too. I can imagine her thinking "It was fun for a few days, but now can it be over please?"
I feel the worst when she wants me to hold her. For fear of throwing my back out of whack again, I'm not letting myself pick her up again for a little while (at least the next few days). I tell her I can hold her hand while we walk, or I can hold her on the couch, but I can't carry her. It's awful...
We'll figure out a system and get through it all though. Thanks again to all the friends and family who are helping us out so much!


Staci said...

Thinking of all of you. I read your blog every day to check on Brigham's status. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Thoughts and prayers are with Brigham and your family.

The High Family- said...

I too have been thinking about you and your sweet family. A lot actually. I hope you know that we are all praying for you. I am so impressed with your faith and strength. Your little man is a fighter for sure. An adorably handsome little fighter. Much love.