Sunday, January 23, 2011

He Must Like Baseball

I say that Brigham must love baseball because today he's thrown us another curveball. This morning right after sacrament meeting, the Dr. called to let us know that Brigham has developed a pleural effusion. This means he has a build-up of fluid in the very thin little sack surrounding his right lung. This is putting pressure on his lung and on his heart.

So they will be doing another procedure/operation. They will have to insert a needle into that space to drain out the fluid and relieve the pressure. It's pretty tricky because all the organs are so close togeter in there that they have to be very careful not to knick something that they're not supposed to. They will have a radiologist doing the procedure and a cardiologist in the room for safe measure. I'll update later tonight. Brigham is sure loving keeping us on our toes!

Since I won't be posting any new pictues of Brigham for at least a few more days (sorry, too scary), I thought you'd enjoy a few pictures of things in his room. Mhylee, one of his nurses got into an organizing/decorating mood the other day and re-did his white board. Our Brother-in-law Brandon (aka, Uncle Boo-Boo) nicknamed him Big-Rig, and all the nurses have adopted it. Hence, the "big-rig" truck on his whiteboard. Mhylee then asked Justin if Carrie had any nicknames. The writing is a little too small to see in this picture, but the little yellow car behind the big-rig says "Bear" on it :)

She also organized a couple of pictures and all his stuffed animal friendsThank you, thank you, thank you again to everyone who loves and supports us! We can feel the prayers, keep 'em coming!



Liana said...

Our family keeps praying for the best for Brigham and I hope you and Justin can have a fun little birthday bash with Carrie tonight! :) She's such a cutie. So glad that Brigham has a great team working with him through all his complications and it sounds like nurses are taking a real liking to him too, must be quite the little ladies man. :)

Domestic Treasures said...

We are fasting for you guys today and put your names on the prayer roll in the Mesa temple. I know the angels are there with you to help carry you through this.

The Picketts said...

I have been thinking of your family all day today and wishing there was something I could do for you. So, for now I'll keep those prayers coming!
In Relief Society, we had a lesson on faith. Many times my thoughts and others comments turned to your sweet family for such an example of strong Faith in our Heavenly Father and Savior and His will concerning us. We went over Elder Richard G. Scott's talk from the Saturday afternoon session of Oct.'s general conference. I gained a lot of strength from it - if you get a chance, check it out, too. You and your husband are amazing people!
Happy Birthday Miss Carrie! Hope your day is fantastic!