Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sieze the Day!

Or, in Brigham's case,"Sieze......ure"

We just got off the phone with one of Brigham's doctors who had called to let us know that the nurse had been seeing some tremors tonight that suggested small siezure activity. We'd seen a few slight tremors in the past few days, but it was usually only one arm, or one foot and there weren't any changes in his vital signs. We brought it up to the doctors and they agreed to keep an eye out.

The nurse said tonight the tiny tremors she saw had involved all four extremities and there was a slight rise in his blood pressure and heart rate.


The head ultrasound today showed a little fluid build-up around the outside of his brain, which could likely be a contributing factor in his siezure activity. As he continues to "unpuff", this fluid should go down and hopefully the tremors will stop. There is always a possibility that it is related to something else though.

For now, they've started him on a medication called Phenobarb which controls siezure activity and as a side effect bonus, also serves as a sedative. This will help keep him nice and calm and comfortable!

We knew it was going to be a roller coaster! It's becoming even easier to trust in his doctors and nurses though, as we get to know them better, and they get to know Brigham better. As always, we trust in our Heavenly Father and are extremely appreciative of all our friends and family who continue to pray for all of us.


Jessica Rodgers said...

please continue to keep us posted I am praying so hard for you that it brings me to tears. Hang in there!

Karissa said...

Oh no... hopefully that doesn't happen again!

music lady said...

Hold onto your faith, this is quite the roller coaster ride...our continued prayers go out for you. Love ya!

Moss Family said...

I am thinking about you daily. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Keep hanging in there!

jessicajeansimpson said...

The thing I learned to do is live in the moment of him being with you, for better or worse you can still hold his little hand and see his face, and everyday that is something you can be grateful for. Also, good for you for sleeping at home. I know it is hard to leave and go home. I always felt like a zombie when i left the hospital, and just couldn't wait to get back, but you really need your time to just relax, and not look at vital signs. But easier said than done. Hang in there, we continue to pray for you!

Natalie Sadler said...

I haven't had internet for almost a month now, and I didn't realize your little boy had been born. It sounds like you've been through the ringer, but I'm happy you have had the strength to stay so positive! Good luck with everything--we're praying for you. And the next time we go to the temple we'll put your names in :)

Dee said...

Hello I dont know who you are but a friend asked for some prayers.. I had a little girl who spent first three years of her life in the hospital and You have my support and my extended hugs and kisses.. Along with my prayers I say as a NICU mom to another.. Dont give up on him. He will know the love he has and show it. My prayers and thoughts go to you and your family. Hang in there the roller coaster will keep going but do not get off until you walk out the doors.