Sunday, January 23, 2011

Carrie's Special Day!

Two years ago today we welcomed our beautiful little girl into our family! Here's a little picture history:

One day old, ready to go home from the hospital. Soooo tiny!

Six months old. Chubby and Smiley!

12 months old. Exploring , learning, playing and running everywhere!
18 months old. Pig-tailed cutie-pie who is learning to use her imagination!

We're having her birthday party tonight, pictures to follow! I can't believe our baby girl is TWO!!

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Matt and Jayna said...

Happy Birthday Carrie!! She was on my birthday list today to deliver bubbles to nursery. :0) She is just the cutest! I'm glad she had a great birthday. We sure think about you guys a lot and are praying hard.