Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Tube Down, Seven To Go!

This morning they pulled Brigham's chest tube out! The collapsed lung he had immediately after birth has healed enough that the tube has been removed! The other seven tubes are (2) ECMO cannulas, (1) breathing tube, (1) stomach suction tube, and (3) IV's. That's about the only big news so far today.

The hemofilter on his circuit is doing it's job and pulling some of the extra fluid off him, but he's still awfully puffy. Last night we were told they were possibly/likely going to do surgery Wednesday morning, but just this morning, the day shift doctor told me there was "no immediate plan" for surgery. I'm as confused as all of you. I'm going to talk to her again today to try to nail down a better answer. I'm used to "we don't know", but when one doctor gives me a timeline and the next doctor says there is no timeline, I get confused and frustrated.

It's hard to go with the flow when you still kind of have a life... It's especially hard for a 2 year old to go with the flow....


Coleen said...

Well, I am so glad they were able to take out the chest tube. Did they change that cloth too? He looks so sweet in this picture. You guys are great keeping us updated. Love you all so much.

Aubri said...

Hooray for one tube down! I hope the docs get their information synchronized a little better and nail down an answer for you soon. And, from my experience as a nanny, "Go with the flow" isn't even in the vocabulary when you're two. No fun, poor Carrie... Praying for you as always!