Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fluids Galore!

Brigham is still pretty swollen, just retaining water. It's still mostly in his face,upper body and arms. His legs are still nice and skinny. I, however, am apparently having some sympathy swelling. My ankles currently do not exist... It's awful! (And if you wanted to see a picture, yeah right... It's gross, I'm not taking a picture.) I'm so glad I don't get swollen like this while I'm pregnant because it's no fun at all. They're a little achy, but mostly, they just look horrible! I'm trying to remember to drink a lot of water and keep my feet up, but I'm not very good at it.

Speaking of fluids galore, my milk has come in and it's just plain ridiculous! Last night I filled 4 of the little bottles in one sitting. 8 ounces in 15 minutes?! The little freezer in Brigham's room is already almost full and soon they're going to start putting my milk in the "donor" freezer (with his name on it still) as overflow! The nurses last night were teasing that it's always the moms who's kids can't eat that get the most milk.

Brigham won't be starting any colostrum/milk feedings until at least next week, if that. Because his stomach and intestines aren't in the right place, using them is not really a good option. Right now he's getting all his nutrition through the IVs.

His GI system does work, however. We know this for sure because early this morning, I got to change his first dirty diaper. There was only a teeny bit, but we know his "pipes" are functional. I love motherhood... That dirty diaper was the greatest thing ever!

He was very awake around 4 this morning. (At least considering the number of sedatives he's on). He was wiggling, making tiny fists,and kicking his feet a little.

He was even having fun playing with a toy. The little stuffed dog "Lucky" was getting kicked around quite a bit!


Coleen said...

Oh I love it, his little feet and hands moving around. Thanks for sharing everything with us. He is such a loved baby!!!

Brittney said...

So, I have a question. How soon till you know when they will operate on Brigham? What needs to happen before they do?

Jenelle said...

Thanks for all the updates. Its great that you are a nurse and can understand (and explain) what is going on.
And Brigham's hair is gorgeous! Andy is sitting with me looking at Brigham's pictures and videos and he keeps saying "baby"! Love you guys!

Catherine and Derrick said...

Brigham is a beautiful baby. It is sure good to know he is in good hands with the medical staff. i love your optimisim and how well you are handling everything. I am not sure that I would be able to . We will keep you in our prayers.

cassie said...

Rebecca, your baby is beautiful! I LOVE his golden hair. It was good to read your updates, you are very strong and inspiring! Best wishes with everything, we'll keep praying for you guys.

Coleen said...

I did see his lips moving like he was trying suck.

Liana said...

thanks for all the updates, I come to your blog daily now to find out how things are. I just loved the video, he's so darling that I just want to hold him... I can't imagine how much you want to hold him!!! Hope you are getting some rest, and I totally know the pain of swollen ankles and feet, I had bad swelling with Ethan and it hurts bad! Hang in there Mama!