Saturday, January 15, 2011

Boring is Good

I feel like I haven't been updating very well the last couple of days, but it's because there's not much to update...

Things are very slowly progressing toward getting better. They're turning down the ECMO settings and letting Brigham try to do a little bit more of the work on his own. How he responds, will determine when they can do surgery and if it will be on or off of ECMO (hopefully soon).

He's started to be more alert more often. It's fun to have him squeeze our fingers or wiggle his feet around. The best though, is when he opens his eyes. I know last time I said he had been opening his eyes a little, but last night and today, he was opening them way more often, wider and for longer! I love it!

The swelling is going down slowly and he's looking even more and more adorable! The nurses have said he looks like a little surfer dude with his spiky highlighted hair and slightly jaundiced skin that looks like a tan. :)

And a side note on me: I'm feeling much better with vicodin, ibuprofen, heat, and rest. It is very sad though to see all my breastmilk getting poured down the drain (vicodin's not such a great thing for babies).... I'm not enjoying being away from Brigham all night, but it's been nice to be sleeping at home again.

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