Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brigham's Arrival Story

We are excited to announce:
Brigham Justin Greer
January 7th, 2011
2:03pm 6lbs, 5oz
And now for the part you've all been waiting for,the labor and delivery story!

We arrived at the hospital around 7:45 Friday morning to check in for my induction. By the time we got registered, it was after 8, and I got into my actual labor and delivery room about 8:30. We did all the intro stuff (gown, answering medical history questions, starting the IV etc.) and then were just waiting for the doctor to write orders to get me started (which took a little while).

I was dilated to 4cm, and 70% effaced. They started the pitocin drip to get contractions going. It worked and I started to feel them right away, but they were just uncomfortable, not painful.

See how happy I am? They had just barely started the pitocin. (And the awkward big lumpiness of my belly is actually my monitors under my gown.)

The doctor came in and broke my water to get things going even more. By this point I was 5cm and 80%. The contractions were starting to hurt a little, but mostly I was still feeling great! Justin asked me how I was doing and when I responded,"fine!" he told me I didn't need to be brave, but I really was just fine! :)
When the doctor was there to break my water, I decided to "give in" to Justin, my mom, and my nurse telling me that maybe it would be a good time to get my epidural (just in case things went quickly, it would have time to work)
I'm really glad we called the anesthesiologist when we did. As soon as the doctor broke my water, the contractions really started to hurt! My poor mom and Justin; I had a silence rule during my contractions. Anyone talking totally bugged me! I'm super proud of myself though (and Justin tells me he's super proud of me too). I think I handled the pain MUCH better than I did with Carrie. Could be because I was in crazy pain for hours and hours on end with Carrie, and barely any time at all with Brigham, but still. :)
Epidural!! Hallelujah! It was fantastic. The only reason I squeezed the heck out of Justin's hand during the actual process was because I had a contraction while in the middle of getting it. I did get a little twinge of pain in one of my hips/legs that totally felt like hitting your funny-bone,but in your hip-flexer muscle, weird! The anesthesiologist said sometimes a nerve gets tweaked during insertion, oops! This picture is a few minutes after the epidural was in and starting to work a little.

I was so excited that even though I had an IV and meds, I could have clear liquids, which means anything you can see through. I enjoyed some apple juice and I have never been so grateful for jello in my life! I was so hungry and it hit the spot! (please excuse the mini barf bowl next to me, the epidural made me a little nauseous, but I got some zofran and luckily didn't throw up while I was in labor, just once soon after delivery)

My epidural was a completely different experience this time around. With Carrie, I couldn't feel ANYTHING at all. My legs were complete dead weight, but I didn't care. I couldn't feel pain so I was happy with it.
This time, the anesthesiologist said he wanted me to still be able to have some feeling and move a little, but not feel the pain. At first I was nervous. Part of me just wanted my lower half to be completely knocked out!
It worked out really well though! I was very suprised! I could totally move my legs, they were just all tingly like they were asleep. I could very vaugely feel the contractions as tiny light pressure on my lower belly. It was great! The nurse told me to let her know when I felt extra pressure "down there" because it likey meant I needed to push.
I felt a little extra strange pressure, but didn't say anything because I thought, "I wonder what that is? It's only been about 45 minutes so that certainly can't be "the pressure" she was talking about!"
The nurse came in to help me roll over to my other side and I mentioned the little pressure I had felt just earlier. At my mom's quesitoning, the nurse decided to check me, and said, "Hmm, looks like it's time to have a baby." We asked, "What do you mean? What am I dilated to?" Her reply?..... "10cm"
I had gone from a 5 to a 10 in less than an hour!! I was amazed!!
The nurse (she was AWESOME by the way) called all the doctors (and all of Brigham's doctors) to come up to my room and be ready, Brigham was on his way, and quick!
By the time everyone got there and set up, I pushed for 9 minutes and he was born at 2:03pm!
(Justin has teased me because I was laughing and joking with the doctors in-between and even during contractions and pushing. Whatever! I'm just happy I was awake and apparently enjoying my day!)
The first thing he did literally 5 seconds after he was born.... peed ALL over the doctor while they were trying to suction his mouth and nose and cut the cord! After just a few more seconds, they took him over to the warmer to take care of him. Once he got over there, he showed off again and peed all over everything and everyone there!
Brand newborn Brigham getting some help breathing from the neonatologist
He gave us a little scare for a minute at the warmer when his heart rate dipped into the 50's (on newborns, you do CPR if the heart rate drops under 100). They called the code team, but then he decided to cooperate, his heart rate went back up, and they didn't end up having to code him!
We actually got to "hold" him for a few seconds before they whisked him away! I was NOT expecting this to happen so it was amazing to touch him and give him a quick kiss!
On a mini portable ventilator and ready for transport down the hall to the NICU (during the transport, by the way, he peed everywhere again!)

Justin got to go with him to the NICU while my mom stayed with me in my L&D room.
We're so glad he's here and made an easy and very very quick arrival! More updates and pictures to come!!


Chelsea said...

YAY! I was thinking about you all day yesterday and praying that the delivery would go well. I will continue praying for adorable little Brigham and I will check back often for updates.

Jenna said...

Congratulations again and again! Our prayers are with you guys.

Brittney said...

Way to go girl!!! And way to pee Brigham:) Great and quick story. I bet all women wish they had labor and delivery that easy!!!

music lady said...

Looks all too familiar... We'll keep praying that the nurses and doctors will be guided in little Brigham's care.

Coleen said...

Well that was a quick labor and delivery. Brigham has much to do here and he was ready to get going.
We love you all. Give our love to Brigham and big sister Carrie. She is going to mother him to death!!! I can't wait to see him.

The Griffin Family said...

Hi there! I was referred to your blog by Ashley Schmidt, I hope you dont mind me reading your story! Ashley told me that your sweet Brigham was born with CDH? Well my son was as well! I live here in Chandler, AZ (I think you live here?) and wanted to extend any friendship you might need!

CDH is a terrible and scary thing, but many babies do so amazingly well with recovery. My Max was diagnosed at 18 weeks pregnant, surgery at 3 days old, and a huge roller coaster afterward. I kept a super detailed blog if you need any reference for your experiences to come! Also, if you have any "mom" questions about it, please dont hesitate! I found reading others' blogs about CDH (the positive ones) was very cathartic. We also have some SERIOUS doc referrals for people familiar with CDH if you need them.
I hope this is a help and NOT a nuisance! I am SO in prayer for you at this season in life for you and your fam, and Brigham's docs.

My husband and I will be praying for your wonderful blessing. God made him "perfectly and wonderfully" as the bible tells us!

Our story starts here...just scroll to the bottom when you get there!

Good Luck,
Claire Griffin
(480) 326 6884

Brooke said...

I'm impressed that you got his story up here so fast. I should really follow your diligent blogging example :). Someday.... In the meantime, he is such a cutie!! Keep those pictures coming, we love them! And we love you guys!

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, congratulations!! I'm so glad he got here safely! :-) You were in my prayers ALL weekend. Secondly, your labor photos are adorable! That's the Rebecca I know, and miss... We'll continue to keep you guys, little Brigham, and his docs and nurses in our prayers! You're amazing, Rebecca and Justin!