Friday, January 21, 2011

Turning Point

The echocardiogram this morning did not show any improvement in Brigham's PPHN. About noon, the surgeon and the doctor came to sit with us and discuss his treatment options.

There are a couple of other medications and/or treatments they could try before surgery, but the chances of them making any progress for Brigham are slim, and we wouldn't know any results for a few more days. Also, because they are so intense, the chances for severe health issues later in life would be significantly increased.

At this point, even the chances of the surgery doing anything to help improve the PPHN are very small, but are still there a tiny bit. On rare occasion, "the problem" is worsened enough by the cramped space in the chest that moving the stomach and intestines back into the abdomen gives the lungs room to inflate and heal. Pretty much though, the problem isn't the cramped space, it's the overall lung development.

Sitting and waiting is not a good choice anymore. If it was going to help, being on ECMO should have helped by now.

We were given some time alone with Brigham. After many tears and fervent prayer, we decided to go ahead with the surgery. They're doing it now. He woke up to "play" with us for about half an hour before we had to leave the room. It was great! We will know more about his prognosis by tonight or tomorrow morning. We'll keep everyone as updated as possible. Pray like you've never prayed before!

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Moss Family said...

I am praying for you....can't wait for the update