Monday, January 24, 2011

Is Anyone Else Motion Sick?

All this up and down and up and down.....

The xray this afternoon at 3:00 basically looked the same as yesterday afternoon's. This is kind of good news because at least it wasn't worse, but it's mostly bad news because at this point, if he's not getting better it's considered worse.

He's been on ECMO for 16 1/2 days out of his 17 1/2 days of life... That's a very long time.

After the 3:00 xray and blood gas (which looked good despite the "yucky" xray), they upped the vent settings again and ordered another xray and blood gas for 8:00.

We just called and talked to the doctor who was happy to tell us she "saw lung" in the xray. There was a tiny improvement since this afternoon. The blood gas also looked good again. She said we'd take one step at a time. We agreed.

One little downside to tonight's xray was she said she can't see any evidence of lung on the left side. This may either mean his left lung is just not inflating or there is so little left lung that there's nothing to inflate...

We're not out of the woods yet, KEEP PRAYING!! It's time for a miracle to kick in! Brigham's already proven he's a fighter but this is bigger than him and he needs all the prayers he can get! Thanks again!


Laura Cook said...

Yes ... motion sick is a good way to describe it...

Still praying!!!

Brittney said...

Katie Marie has officially added Brigham to all of her prayers. Yesterday when she came out of her bedroom after saying her morning prayers, she told me "I prayed for Brigham!!" And this morning I overheard her helping Belinda say her morning prayers and so Belinda is also now praying for Brigham in her cute tiny little voice with the help of big sister.

renae said...

Dear Rebecca,
This is Sis Aston, Julie's mom... just want you to know you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Your son is so handsome! Hope Brigham is doing better!
Renae and Julie